WAKA TI BAM! It's Mambo Time!

Experience, knowledge and passion but most of all the joy of making music are at the heart of Mambo Machine!

Marc Bischoff, versatile pianist, composer, arranger, recording and mixing engineer, and Dan Müller, skilful and imaginative drummer and percussionist are the creative minds behind this unique project. These two musical masterminds blend live instruments and electronic sounds with the authentic Cuban Voice of Mayelis Guyat to create a new urban Latin sound that ignites every party.

Danceable beats, powerful melodies, combined with elements of Salsa, Cumbia, Salsa Choke and Reggaeton – a new trendy, irresistible sound with the whole lot of attitude.

It is new, it’s modern and it’s hot – It’s MAMBO MACHINE.

Let’s Start the Engine, Put Your Hands in the Air and Enjoy the Ride!

Let’s Go!

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